Saturday, April 23, 2016


Daily Draw: Da Vinci Tarot ~ Ace of Swords/Air

Dimmi: What are your intentions?

To put the things I can no longer use or have no intention of using again, directly into the hands of those who will. Yesterday I pulled the box associated with the quilt that had the biggest impact on my life.
Seems bizarre to say that about bits of fabric, but that reproduction of the Jane Stickle 1865 quilt led me to skills and friends I'd never have known otherwise.
Small sized blocks (4.5"), many with 20-30-40 pieces required a new precision in cutting and piecing to achieve the correct end result. I'm a better person for having persevered, and I hope my box of book and tools find use with another quilter.
Front and back of Two Sides of Jane, pieced in three months, took about four years to quilt it, I used gold metallic thread.


  1. That is uncommon perseverance for a truly beautiful result. I have nothing like your patience. I expect to be able to master the craft and complete the project in a weekend. Probably why my cupboards are like an arts and crafts cemetery!

  2. Holy cow those are beautiful, and even better, usable.

  3. My dear (((Sharyn))) what an amazing peace of art this is. I can not begin to imagine how you must feel to part from your beloved well used tools. Big hug and comforting thoughts are coming your way.

  4. You are a gifted artisan. I cannot draw stick people but I can appreciate beauty in all its forms. Very Nice.

  5. Oh AJ. I hadn't seen this. It's spectacular. Thinking of you as always with interest and admiration for your many virtues which I won't embarrass you by enumerating. Debra


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