Saturday, April 30, 2016

Starting At The Bottom

Daily Draw: Etteilla Tarot ~ Page/Valet of Cups

Once you know what this page is really doing the image makes perfect sense. Boys and girls from good families were sent to serve the king or queen in return for being educated with the royal children. An  amazing education it was, gaining deep knowledge in subjects never even touched upon until college today.

I'm reminded by this card the privileged still have a leg up the ladder ahead of the hoi polloi, but it only gets them in the door. This young page/valet is chamberlain to the royal bedchamber. His chamberpot bib means no one looks upon the royal leavings. That is starting at the bottom, everything is up from there.

From Yahoo Finance, 2015, Top 10 worst jobs. (I don't agree but it wasn't my job to make the list)

1. Newspaper Reporter
Income: $36,300

2. Lumberjack
Income: $34,100

3. Enlisted Military Personnel
Income: $44,300

4. Head Cook
Income: $42,200

5. Broadcaster
Income: $29,300

6. Photojournalist
Income: $29,300

7. Corrections Officer
Income: $39,200

8. Taxi Driver
Income: $23,100

9. Firefighter
Income: $45,300

10. Mail Carrier
Income: $41,100


  1. Are they ranking those jobs by stress and pay? I would think teacher would be up there (at least in today's classrooms) - often the parents are more of a problem than the kids.

    1. Agree about the teaching! I think we are all wage slaves these days. But there are better and worse places to be a wage slave. KFC Anyone? What a way to treat human beings...

  2. I haven't a clue what their criteria is. My uncle once had the job of pulling wool off of dead sheep in the winter. There are lots of worse jobs...


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