Thursday, May 5, 2016


Daily Draw: Rainring Cards ~ Action

This post is dedicated to Fort McMurray Alberta.

There is a natural gas pipeline running north to south just below our property line. It exploded about a mile north of us. It sounded like we were in the backwash of a jet.

When the word came to evacuate, I crated the cats, put them and the dogs in the back of the Jeep, and for myself, my broken down gardening shoes and a bottle of pain medicine I hadn't needed in years. And three sewing machines.

I've thought many times about thought processes under pressure and what possessed me to take the pills and those shoes. I'll never know.


  1. That is something to think about. What would I grab and run with in a moments notice?

  2. Holy cow, that would be scary. We've got a gas pipeline (Sabal Trail) that the company has been trying to run through our town. The citizens were opposed, but the corporations pushed the okay through anyway. Still not sure how that was done.


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