Friday, May 6, 2016

Positive Or Negative?

Daily Draw: Rainring Cards ~ Form

My current quilt is totally simple. One shape, tumbler (narrow top/wide bottom). Half aboriginal prints Rob brought home from Australia and half solids inherited from a friend. I've done much ripping out because my brain isn't accepting what goes up and what goes down to connect with the already finished strips.

I'm reminded by this card, just because something looks simple it doesn't mean it is. We assume much in our life because mostly we glance off the surface. Some time pondering what we believe brings us to the surprising and sometimes painful place of what we don't believe or didn't see.

"Being not very spatial doesn't make you any better or worse in spatial kinds of things. You probably just get the wrong answer more quickly." ~ Howard Gardner 1943-


  1. There is a lot of orange in this card and so that is a good bold choice. Boldly go Sharyn. Good luck on your trip to the University of Salt Lake.

  2. This reminds me how difficult it is to draw the negative space of a subject :)

  3. Those oranges in this card remind me of aboriginal prints. :)


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