Sunday, May 29, 2016

That Crepe Thing

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Origins ~ 4 of Wands/Nature

The reality of life.

Hard to see, tough to bear, no way back.
My skin is starting to do that thin creepy crepe thing.

Past is Waste Paper,
Present is News Paper,
Future is Crepe Paper.


  1. Delightful. I will save that quote and use it someday. Waste Paper, News Paper, Crepe Paper. Your wordsmithing is a delight.

    1. that is a modified quote from someone else, I couldn't find any attribution, which is why I modified it rather than a direct paste.

  2. Nothing stays the same everything always changes.
    Ps my skin is not like it used to be either :D

    1. I worked with a lady for about 10 years who each day lamented her age. It taught me to appreciate what I have while I have it.

  3. I have times in the shower when I look down and notice a part of me and have one of those sudden "what the hell?!" moments. :D


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