Sunday, May 1, 2016

Turning Tides

Daily Draw: Rainring Cards ~ Tides

While reading Ryley's take on this card I didn't cry.
Yet his words struck my mind and heart and should have, would have had me weeping into the ruff of Churchill's black dog anytime over the last some years.

I'm reminded by this card, and a word search of this blog for suicide, I've made sixteen posts on the subject. Rather above the norm...but I didn't cry today, perhaps I'm finally an odd shade of puce rather than flat black and the tide is turning.

This 94 card deck and 270 page soft cover book are the heart's work of Peter Ryley.
Illustrations by Mary Jane Ansell, Ellen-Marie Kristiansen Richie, Ian Richie, and Vikki Yates.

Peter Ryley has built a cohesive system for his deck, with depth for self observation, a teaching tool to balance the psyche, and a playsite on his webpages. Peter is quick to respond to email which sets him a bit above the average deck designer. Try it, you'll like it...I'm not using the deck as intended, a blog platform can only dip in and out of decks due to copyright.


  1. You have encountered such challenges in your life and I only know the bits that you have posted about in the few years since I discovered your blog. I and I know others are glad that you haven't given in to the despair. It calls to us all from time to time, and we need to find the anchor that holds us here until the darkness lifts. From me to you, Light and Love.

    1. thank you. we need to find the anchor that holds us here...
      While I was upstairs working I got to thinking this post was kind of creepy. But I was glad to not see weepmiester coming out this morning :)

  2. I'm really curious about this deck, and look forward to how you use it in your own particular way.

  3. I hope you are out of black dog. Love. Laylah x

    1. As Billy Crystal says "its a process" with invisible gains and losses.


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