Friday, August 12, 2016

Anger Management

Daily Draw: Roots of Asia Tarot ~ Strength

The lion is in our mind and its name is anger.

I write this journal for myself and in doing so expose to the air self inflicted wounds
I write this journal for myself and in doing so excavate wounds I didn't know I carried
I continue to write this journal because through it I once managed to erase a black rage that colored and controlled my world
Strength, by any other name, is still anger management here


  1. I could have worded it better why journaling is a lifesaver :)

  2. I remember once you mentioned that your writing was to work through black rage. There was a writer that once said "if you want to know me just read my books, its all there" That might not be exact quote. I have to agree with you, you have to be strong to rule those periods of rage. Peace in all things my friend.

  3. I agree the message of this card is internal strength not external might. But is it healthy sometimes to get angry and fighty? My friend was telling me this last night. I can't seem to do it but I have ample capacity for depression/anxiety. Or is that just internalised anger?

    Thinking strength might be calibrated so sometimes self control other times standing up for yourself and not letting events or people grind you down. I suppose the trick is knowing which to use when?

    I'm rambling but today's post really thought provoking...

  4. You may journal for yourself, but what you write about I often recognize in myself; for that I thank you.

  5. The beauty of using cards as journal prompts is that I've probably drawn Strength 30+ times over the years and each time it pulled something different out of my junk drawer brain. it was six years ago Feburary that particular rage was triggered and it was a full year before I even considered or realized it was a dangerous thing and consciously begin to fight back.

    I don't say it often enough but I Always appreciate the opinions shared in comments and wish more people would do so. Not for a preening look how popular I am, but as genuine thinkers, sharing. If asked I wouldn't post someone's comments publicly, as they come through my inbox rather than post directly.
    Thank you, Sharyn

    1. I think I found my circle when I found you and then others with their blogs. My cup runneth over. So many interesting thoughts and ideas. I wish I had joined the community earlier, so if there are others out there, jump on the blogging train.


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