Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Quiet Country

Daily Draw: Karma Cards ~ Neptune
What will the outcome be?

Spiritual: idealization of: My America. As we roll through the South Dakota Bad Lands I'm thinking it is the best place to be, unhooked, thinking for ourselves. To remember money was the underpinning of the first ships full of immigrants, they were expected to repay their trip with the bounty of the land but the heart and determination of individuals made it work. In the ruckus of modern 24/7 wired addictions, I pledge to remember, what a wonderful country I live in. A quiet country.

Mental: Confusion regarding: Why there is such a disconnect between races. As we ate dinner tonight my eye kept going to a gorgeous woman, dressed in deep purple with long white hair swung up in an Aunt Bea bun. I waved her aside as she rose to leave and told her how stunning she looked. She said "I can hardly believe I'm 96". I would have guessed mid-70s. Of the Sioux tribe. I wish I could spend time with her, learn from her learning.

Physical: Sacrifice: I haven't made any sacrifices, but I have double cousins, and if they needed bone marrow or a kidney I'd be happy to provide.

"O poor mortals, how ye make this earth bitter for each other." ~ Thomas Carlyle1795-1881


  1. Your service to others has been your sacrifice.

    1. It is no sacrifice to do what needs to be done. That is just life. but thank you

  2. I agree with Bev, but maybe you haven't experienced it as sacrifice?
    Ps what great prompts this deck provides!

    1. They are almost too hard. I only used this deck one time before, when mother was with me, and I just couldn't concentrate, only made it one day. I'm hanging in there this time because it is good for my character,although I suspect there will be posts that make no sense but to me

  3. I too would have loved to spend time with the Woman Elder. What sage advice she could share.


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