Sunday, October 30, 2016

Flouncing From The Room

Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Artemis

Artemis warns against her worst traits, impetuosity, brittle cleverness, competitiveness overkill.

I'm reminded by this card of my teens. a time ripe for the first two. Pushing boundaries, sullen responses, plus a flaming temper I hadn't yet managed to control. My most often killer response to being reined in? "Fine then, I just won't go" and flouncing from the room. I can't conceive of  my parents being button pushers, but that response always worked to their favor. Not until the angry temper fell away would I realize I was right where they wanted me. I haven't got a competitive bone in my body which I've always considered a plus.

"That girl could flounce better than a fat turkey on a trampoline." ~ Terry Pratchett 1948-2015


  1. Those traits of how Artemis describes herself would have describe me as well when younger. Now all I have is just a bit of competitiveness continually fired by being in sales. To finally release that trait will be a blessing. I used to make faces at my parents who always commented "you keep doing that and your face is going to begin to l stat that way" and I would always counter "good, then I won't have to make the effort." Ah to be young and brash.

  2. That lion's expression reminds me of my teenage attitude face not attractive and probably very annoying. Only ever competed against myself, hopefully the brittleness gone. The impetuosity - still there in spades.

  3. I wonder if flouncing will work with a woman of a certain age.... :D

    1. don't know about anyone else but I'm too tired to flounce. And as adults we can stand up for our own views. Flouncing would mean I probably haven't thought through an actual viewpoint but am just skimming publicthink. Interesting card


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