Monday, October 3, 2016


Daily Draw: Llewellyn Tarot ~ King of Cups

In 1871 Thomas Moran was attached to the first U.S. geological survey of Yellowstone, and his breathtaking images were key to the formation and protection of our first national park.

I'm reminded by this card he was a visionary with higher principles, higher love. We could use more of that in a world gone mad with me me  me.

From Thomas Moran and the Surveying of the American West  "In art, as in any profession, knowledge is power . . . I must know the geology. I must know the rocks and the trees and the atmosphere and the mountain torrents and the birds that fly in the blue ether above me."


  1. What we know about, we appreciate. And what we appreciate, we will love and protect.

  2. Knowledge might be power but wisdom has to go hand in hand with it.

  3. Thank goodness for the American Park System, long may it endure. You mentioned on your road trip of so many open spaces that in another century, I am afraid will be overpopulated. Seven billion people produces lots more people and they have to live somewhere, hopefully the Parks will remain open spaces.

  4. It's sad that for so many people non-stop consumption has replaced spirituality including communing with nature. Your post reminds me to get out in my local country park this week.


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