Friday, November 4, 2016

Cosset The Volcano

Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Volcano

I drew this card Wednesday and put it back. Didn't want to know didn't want to think. Doesn't apply to me. And here it is again.

I'm reminded by this card the volcano, the tower, aren't always connected to something falling out of the aether crushing heart mind spirit.  It works the opposite way too...we cosset the volcano, we keep pushing until the tower goes over.  Or deliberate inaction causes it. And our defense is "wasn't nothing to do with me".

 "A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman thinks of the next generation." ~ James Freeman Clarke 1810-1888


  1. Deal with it or it will deal with you. Ack, never been a fan of meeting challenges head on if I can help it, but they find me regardless.

  2. Funny how that happens with the cards. Once upon a time a card would come up and I would shuffle it back in the deck, and there it was again. Now if it comes up whether I like it or not I give it it's due. Until we figure out a enigma it will keep coming back around. Hope nothing too disruptive. Maybe just unwanted house guests.

  3. Funny I got tower twice this week too. Been musing on it all week. My life was like a rolling tower card in my late twenties and Ultimately I had to cut off ties with one side of the family to survive. Now one of them has got in touch. Is the blasted tower a breakthrough of the 'walls' I have built round myself or does the tower come when I let them back in my life? My jury's out.


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