Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Why Not... Just Do It?

Daily Draw: Enchanted Astrologer ~ Jupiter

Seeing the big picture, the capacity to grow, the ability and sense to be better.
My word for 2016 was Adapt. Adapting to my odd and interesting bent eyesight. I did well, I'd give myself A+. But it is easy to be proactive about something you can't ignore.

For 2017 I've chosen Why Not... Not oh why not have another beer.  But as the prod when faced with doesn't really matter tasks. For instance, I have a card on  my desk that came yesterday. About a week ago I pitched the card from last year from the same person...just didn't get around to it. I intend to think Why Not... Just do it? And Lazy Bum is not an acceptable response.

"It would be a truer discipline for the writer to … clear a new field instead of manuring the old." ~  Henry David Thoreau 1817-1862


  1. Last night on the National News it was reported that Merriam-Websters word for 2016 was - surreal. 2016 was surreal. Jupiter's expansive quality gives a nod of approval to Why Not...

  2. 2017 sounds like a year for the happy-go-lucky Fool. :)

  3. "Why not" could also encourage you to do the extraordinary, out of the question things. To walk barefoot in the rain. Why not? To have apple pie for breakfast. Why not? To buy that pink dress with glitters. Why not?And so many other things which you are more than capable to think of. :)

  4. Wot? I was only thinking in terms of the things I feel guilt over.
    You mean I could be nice to me? Surely the world would tilt off in a dangerous manner?

    I think it is a good word(s). I've already done three things I've been ignoring..and walked the downtown. A mile. Easy Peasy. I even found a little market that would sell me one can of beer so I could make our fondue. Life is good. Even if she laughed. Or perhaps because we laughed together.


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