Thursday, January 12, 2017


Daily Draw: Ancient Feminine Wisdom ~ Charities

Beauty, charm, and grace. When is the last time I saw a woman in a dress? Maybe a photo of Mrs. Obama? I suppose as a whole we could shout out "comfort" or "liberated", "freedom" or "cheaper", in that we feel no need to dress up.

I'm reminded by his card I miss the feeling of putting on a dress or suit; dressing well influences my attitude and behavior accordingly.
My favorite dress of all time, creamy background with travel icons and maps, sounds horrible doesn't it? I think it is beautiful and took the time to sew on a spray of buttons over the left shoulder. When it fits I wear it.

"Without black-velvet britches, what is man?"  ~ James Bramston  The Man of Taste 1733


  1. I only wear dresses in Summer because I hate wearing nylons or tights

  2. I do on occasion enjoy dressing up, but NEVER in a dress. I guess I was forced to wear them as a child, I can't get past that feeling of having no choice.

  3. If charity begins at home, they need to go buy themselves some blouses or a couple of dresses.

  4. If dressing up is important to you do it! It is possible to be stylish and comfortable (I find clothes with a little elastane help). Do you know what your colour palette and style personality is? Knowing that makes shopping/dressing a lot easier and less expensive.


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