Monday, January 16, 2017


Daily Draw: Chakra Oracle ~ Recovery

As yesterday, another sixth chakra. I know as much about chakras as I do about astrology. Which is to say bupkus. Apparently six is the brow chakra and houses all that is within, our knowledge, instinct, intuition.

This card reminds me on some level I need to open that third eye. Since I haven't by now I suspect I won't. Ever. On the other hand I have four little seedrocks here on my desk that remind me everyone has a burden and many recover.

 "Her mind shied back in horror." ~ David Eddings 1931-2009 Crystal Gorge


  1. Replies
    1. Carolyn's speciality! Little art rocks that hope to grow up to be big art rocks.

  2. Maybe I will send you one with recovery on one side and an eye - the all seeing eye, on the other side. Why Not.

    1. An Eye? Eeekkk. Akin to the boogeyman under the bed. Make it stop, make it stop :)

  3. Mine is still closed too and I am okay with that. Maybe the next time around....


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