Sunday, January 15, 2017

Where Will It End?

Daily Draw
Astrological Oracle and Chakra Oracle

Planned to use the Astrological Oracle. Drew Mars. All war and crankiness. Wondered about Mr. Trump, astrological-wise. Not Mars but still all war and crankiness.
Pulled a card from the Chakra Deck. Wondered why it looked like the 8 of Cups. Scanned it, picked it up, that was the back idjot. Turned the card over to be met by Despondence.

I'm reminded by these cards I am sick at heart the Affordable Care Act is being torn apart over politics. Which specifies equal cost for everyone regardless of preexisting conditions. I'd be dead now if it weren't for affordable insurance.

This is not my usual mode of expression, and I'll probably come back and delete the words later, but I am despondent, I feel like walking away; a pox on infantile politicians.


  1. I too have insurance because of it; I could never afford the nearly $1000 a month premium BCBS wants for someone with no health conditions and no regular prescriptions. (BCBS is the only insurance in our area; we have no other to choose from.) I can't believe Congress (GOP) would do something so insane without having some kind of affordable backup in place. Trying to be curious instead of fearful...

  2. I too am despondent over the possible loss of a National Health Care Program. With my neck situation I can get insurance. Who knows what the coming months will bring.

  3. It is sad that progress is being reversed. We are fortunate here with our NHS (for now) although there are daily reports it is at breaking point. No politician would dare propose to abolish it but it's likely it will get gradually privatised by stealth.


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