Monday, February 27, 2017

The Heart Beat

Daily Draw: Rosetta Tarot ~ Tower

What is a Tower?
"RCMP commissioner warns continued IT failures will have 'catastrophic' consequences"

"Here's how the worst flub in Oscar history went down"

They both are. Why? Because that is what Towers do, take you down fast, and take you down slow. When you are in it and the fall begins the heart beat is identical.

"The splendid thing
about falling apart silently...
is that you can start over
as many times as you like." ~ Sanober Khan   A Thousand Flamingos 


  1. Falling can be a goo thing because then we will discover our soul has wings :)

  2. I did not watch the Oscars, usually do not. They mentioned the faux pas on the news this morning and my first thought was that Donald Trump will run with his fake news and announcements rant and how Hollywood is screwed up and that we should not trust actors and actresses as spokespeople when they can't even get their own stuff right. blah blah blah.

    1. :) never thought about that! Not having tv means I miss a lot of stuff. I guess. The program I miss? The Madison Square Gardens best of the best dog show around Valentines day.

  3. A Phoenix rising from the flames? The use of colour in this deck is tremendous. I actually like this tower - makes me think that some towers need to come down like towering arrogance...

    1. One of my Thothy decks. Her Tabula Mundi is even more knockout.

  4. Ha, that quote made me think: "What about if you fall apart loudly? Do you still get a do-over?" If your tower tumbles down in a dragon's roar, is it more shaming? Does it take longer to rebuild? Or is it over faster? Ah, the joy of Towers!

  5. Trump Tower? Just don't want it to take America down too.


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