Monday, March 20, 2017

Who Is Driving The Bus?

Daily Draw: PetraK Tarot ~ High Priestess

Ruts and mindfulness yada yada. I've missed one point completely, the thing that has driven my life in every way for seven years.

This is the thirty-fifth time the High Priestess has been my daily card. And the first time she has managed to yank knowledge out of my brain and leave it squirming in the daylight. No wonder I'm wandering, lost-like. I've come to whatever I am when my brain is home and finds the lights back on. Will it jinx me to recognize depression isn't running the show?

"If you know, to recognize that you know, if you don't know, to realize that you don't know: That is knowledge." ~ Confucius  551-479 BC


  1. Nah, it won't jinx you. But if you are like most people, it will stand outside and keep knocking to see if you'll let it back in.

  2. Glad the lights are on and you're in charge of your own wheels. Shall we cruise past jinx think today?

  3. I was typing something and it disappeared. Like magic. This High Priestess is feels like the court jester. The Fool who has intuitively tricked you in giving up some of your-self-knowledge, bringing it to light to examine it.

    1. okay, okay, okay. I am going to study the Thoth system. Never had research that school of thought, since your brought it up again. I guess my inquiring mind needs to know.

    2. the system comes from the golden dawn, which Wright and Crowley were both part of. Designing a tarot deck was one of the tasks. Wright came up with pictorial minors publish in 1909 I think. Crowley's Thoth wasn't published until 40? some years later, and introduced a new system based on Tree of Life and Kaballah, and, and, and... In some areas they both go the same direction, but really part ways in the minors.

  4. It seems we are sitting in the same boat...

  5. we Were all on the bus at the same time this morning, probably what broke any jinx there might be. I love you guys


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