Sunday, April 2, 2017

Careening Chariot

Daily Draw: Tarocco Piemontese ~ Chariot/Il Carro

The path. How do we possible chart what thought or movement leads to something totally unrelated years down the line? My interest in the cards goes back to 'learn something new' each year. A random look at what Barnes & Noble University was offering. Ah..much to learn about the history and symbology, a meaty subject, I'm in.

I'm reminded by my mental Il Carro + time + the three years I spent caring for my father-in-law as his mental chariot drew away at the speed of light. The only real constant in my life was my morning draw.

"But at my back I always hear Time's winged chariot hurrying near." ~  Andrew Marvell ~ 1621-1678


  1. The Chariot, always moving us forward. I hope you have a great Sunday. Maybe go for a drive.

    1. except when learning a stick shift on a hill. I think I aged my big bro about 10 years that day...

    2. I never did manage to drive a stick shift car. I tried and tried and like you I aged my trainers.

  2. My morning draw often helps me sort the wheat from the chaff; when life is topsy-turvy, it is one of those daily rituals that can ground me.

  3. Those daily draws, whether I blog about them or not have kept me sane too :)


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