Thursday, April 6, 2017


Daily Draw: Tarocco Piemontese Tarot~ 6 of Wands

 Good stewardship = dramatic results.

I'm reminded by this card, dramatic isn't a guarantee for good. How many times have I gotten the pie in the face even with best intentions, hard work, nose to the grindstone, time is money, shoulder to the wheel, feet on the ground, head on shoulder facing forward, eye on the ball.

"Keep your nose to the wheel and your shoulder to the grindstone and you'll end up with a hunched back and a flat face." ~ unknown


  1. Keeping your nose to grindstone doesn't get it. The quote is correct, all that work and discipline makes for a boring Sharyn and Carolyn. Play some today. Enjoy the changing season, you folks up there have had way too much snow and cold this year. Happy Thursday!

    1. I have two very long flower borders to weed first. Probably in drizzle. When I get to play times I will appreciate all the more.

  2. Perhaps I celebrate less successes but I do know when it is time to give up.
    Love the quote!!

  3. I guess it depends on your definition of dramatic. Seeing a seed sprout seems dramatic to me, but I'm easily impressed. :D

  4. I just don't get inspired at all with this deck. You are doing a fine job finding a depth in them that I cannot feel.


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