Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Daily Draw: Tarot of the Spirit ~ 6 of Cups/Water

Titled Pleasure in the Thoth deck, Eakins has renamed hers Faith. A type of slate wiped clean mankind can be redeemed, relationships are worth the work, hold to a childlike innocence of the Waite 6 of cups.

I'm reminded by this card, I'd welcome that world, but having no faith in man the only upside is the eldritch would be easier to spot. I could live with that.

 "Faith means belief in something concerning which doubt is theoretically possible." ~ William James 1842-1910


  1. It is not the other-worldly things that concern me. I believe we have dark days ahead and then there will be a light at the end of tunnel. Shame we have to go through the days ahead. Some people just have to make life hard.

    1. I just wanted to use that word. Never call me one to parrot keywords :)
      Do you have a good photo from our meeting? You need a livelier one :) I can crop one of mine too if you wanted. We are looking at late-ish September revisit. Rob is working for a friend for pocket money.

  2. I'm using a podcast and transcript from on the "Meaning of Faith" today at book club. It is an interview of 4 different authors who represent 4 different religions. Their take on faith was refreshing and had nothing really to do with beliefs.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. I've never tried podcasts. Religion is the first keyword to pop to my mind from the word Faith. So I tried going someplace else. Couldn't believe it took 45 minutes to write that post. Sidetracked is my middle name, but Data Data Data is my first. Somehow from Robin Williams on youtube a few weeks ago I managed to click into a 'preppers' tube. I've watched a number of the not freaking out ones. Interesting.


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