Thursday, April 20, 2017

That Chiquita Sticker

Daily Draw: Tao Oracle ~ Arousing

Hexagram 51
Shock frightens us, our assumption is it is always bad
Do not resist the unpleasant circumstances
Do not allow shock to propel you into negative conduct
Mired in resistance, living in ego
Repeated shocks occur, quiet is a refuge
Engaging invites disaster.

This hexagram needs to be pasted to my forehead
How could I possibly engage a world governed by madmen.
How can my grief matter against a world filled with grief, how could my resistance possibly matter. Some time chatting with my little girls may be in order.

My banty rooster Peanut, about four inches, he grew to an enormous six or seven inches, and is impeccable in his rooster duty. He also prefers his women larger than himself. Perhaps there is a lesson in that.


  1. I think women are by nature the strongest sex. Maybe that is why we are able to feel so deeply

  2. Stick with the hens and Peanut. Keep it simple.

    1. I'm simple, probably why my brain doesn't cope. My Cochin, who is probably as big as peanut without her fluff is broody again. I'm thinking about letting her have two eggs to hatch. Normally I haul her out every day because it isn't good for them to be sitting for nothing. They don't get the water and food they need. life is so complicated is what the girls tell me...

  3. A nice sized gal to keep him warm on those chilly days, or to hide behind.
    Maybe with that card and lighting bolt, he will cluck 'the sky is falling, the sky is falling.'

    1. he wouldn't hid from anything! You should see him flog my ankles when I forget, and wear a hat into the play pen :)

  4. She looks like she might dust him with a tail feather, Peanut doesn't mind...I like this little fella :)


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