Monday, April 24, 2017

The Other Truth

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Spirit ~ Knight of Swords/Brother Wind

The sky is falling, Earth is flat, the moon is cheese. Confronted with this our Knight is struggling with belief vs knowledge.

I'm reminded by his pinwheeling arms we can struggle against facts, work to understand, accept, refuse completely. We can busy our minds, work our bodies to exhaustion, troll our brains out in opposition,  that other truth will remain. Did you know there is an active Flat Earth Society? Using unbelievable technology to connect.

"I just bought a closed brain, and I've read that they have sweeper tentacles that come out at night.  So my question is, how far will these tentacles reach?  I mean, I need to figure out how far away to keep him." ~ UtahReefs


  1. Well that knight has a whole bunch more energy than the knight I had the other day. Yours seems out of control and mine was barely plodding along. I think a knight I would choose something in between. Never satisfied. Such is life, onward and upward. Flat Earth?

  2. When you present people with facts that run contrary to their beliefs, they act as if you are trying to take their life raft away. I guess in a way it is true - replacing their concrete certainty with groundlessness.


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