Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sweet Peas

Daily Draw: Enchanted Tarot ~ Empress

Our Enchanted author would have us plant one seed in half an eggshell to continue the Empress nurturing thing. All the 'enchantments' written for each card in this deck are spirit nurturing. The book is the best part of the set.

I'm reminded by this card of the five abused nearly-dead marked down sweet pea starts Rob hauled home from the nursery. He probably doesn't connect the two but he was raised in a destructive home and fostered out any number of times and he often works to save the broken or orphaned whatever. This time, the sweet peas responded to care, and are busy growing up strings on my deck. I can hardly wait until they flower. (((Rob)))


  1. Men can be such wonderful empresses sometimes. Your Rob sounds like a real treasure :)

    1. women often say men aren't romantic, but who writes most of the romantic songs? Taking out the trash is a form of romance if it is done as a caring action.

  2. This is so sweet--made my day!

  3. Some wounded folks armor their hearts to keep out any more hurt. Others let their wounds crack their hearts wider, making them truly compassionate people. Glad you wound up with one of the good ones.


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