Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Loose Cannon

Daily Draw: Elemental Tarot ~ Queen of Swords/Mother of Air

Amadai is earth in spring. Blue clouds before her and yellow wagging tongues behind her, indicating some difficulty with rumours and gossip.

Is she the gossipor or gossipee? This week Harvard University withdrew their acceptance of ten freshmen because their internet behavior was unacceptable in a private FaceBook group. I am absolutely a champion of consequences. If all our internet behavior was liable it would make the web a lot less dangerous.

On the other hand who amongst us can cast the first stone? I've felt my country's lost moral compass was triggered twenty-five years ago and has been a careening loose cannon ever since. But the proclivities humans express have always been with us. Too bad about that.


  1. You have to start somewhere. I believe that when you are being held accountable for you acctions your grow ot be a better human being.... might even become a better president one day

  2. I don't think this queen would stand for bull$h!t of any stripe. I hear the cops use what's posted on social media all the time. Good think many criminals aren't sages. :)

    1. I'm sure prosecuting and defense both check. As they should.

  3. I had not heard or read about the situation at Harvard, thanks for intel. I am trying to remember what I was up and the country twenty five years ago when our compass began its drift to the dark side?

  4. employers have been checking online tracks for years. On the other hand they are all desperate for employees so I imagine the bar is much lower than it was five or ten years ago. This group may have been beyond the pale.


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