Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Belay That

Daily Draw: Runic Tarot ~ 5 of Swords/Samhain

In a tarot based on astrology and runes, this card celebrates the first week of December. Harvesting is now completed with the winter squash and nuts and mistletoe. The party season gets rolling, and hopes and expectations are high.

My curmudgeon side says put the brakes on expectations, you will only be disappointed. Belay That! I've been through times where something to look forward to is all that kept me carrying on. So carry on, celebrate, have a little fun. Have a lot of fun if you like, no harm in being happy. And happy with friends is even more fun. And I can guarantee, having fun alone builds on itself. Go for it. Give expectations a try.

Who is this person and what have they done with Sharyn? Yes, I can be cheerful if I put my mind to it...


  1. Dress your malcontent side up and take it for a spin. A lot of places put their crazy on display. Might as well have a good laugh at yourself. I am making zucchini muffins and half size loaves up and freezing them. So I can celebrate the winter with summer's bounty.

  2. I like this cheerful side of you. Lets commit together to look forward to the Holidays this year ☺

  3. I'll never be able to keep it up :) But I am happy today, and for today that is enough

    1. I made a big batch of what I call seedy muffins yesterday, using a big zucchini grated into the mix. Yummy with yogurt when I'm "being good".

  4. My lojong quote to practice this week is "Always maintain a joyful mind." Always good for a laugh. But then I sigh when I realize I do have a choice where I place my attention.


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