Thursday, August 10, 2017


Daily Draw: Tarot of the Origins ~ 2 of Swords/Blood

"The swords, tied together by red represents every action tied to survival". Instead of a pretty maid holding two crossed swords (she must have wrists of steel) we have a figure making decisions left and right that affect every day going forward.

Learning to drive, finishing school, choice of friends, mate, environment, shelter, children, political bent, employment or non-employment...mostly I'm ok with my decisions, I'm not a dithering person. But a few that would have radically changed my life going forward? Rather than going from fathers house to husbands house, I wish I'd had lodgings on my own for awhile. Instead of 'going into' waitressing, I wish I'd gone to nursing school and then volunteered for 'Nam.

And I know I've said it before, but all my worst choices were made while drunk. There weren't so many, but they were epic...


  1. Oh the wishes that we make. That might be the true sorrow of the Two of Swords.

  2. I've made some bad choices but over time I've learned that regret is a waste of energy,

  3. I'm not a ditherer either. Didn't make many decisions when I was drinking other than, "I think I'll have another" (which was, as it turned out, not a good decision).

  4. I never lived alone either. We are where we are. I'm reminded by your post that one thing that makes for a long lasting relationship is allowing each other a little space. I have my 'lady living room' and the little summer house k built for me. He has his man room. We both have company when we need it. These lodgings within a shared lodging better than bedsit land I think...

    1. we've lived in a number of funny rentals the first 10-15 years we were married. I could probably write a book about 'close neighbors'
      I have my quilt room here and Rob has his garage/workshop and outdoors


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