Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Daily Draw: Tarot of the Origins ~ 8 of Swords/Blood

A departure from the standard, this speaks of satisfaction, plenty, success, victory. It is a step through the looking glass to the other side of self imposed bondage and submission, but recognizes the great effort it takes to down a buffalo with a spear-point. Whatever form your 'buffalo in the room' might take.

I have a friend who has not been able to shuck off the bonds of a poverty stricken childhood. Her spear point took the form of buying. Too much. Now she has a house full of multiple dish sets, too much furniture, a million souvenir tee-shirts. And a sincere wish to divest it all, combined with an inability to do so.

I think my buffalo in the room has been a lack of self confidence. I've forced a million bold moves, but I think they've all come to naught because I fail in the ability to confidently move forward beyond that initial push. Maybe tomorrow....


  1. Sounds like the shadow part of ourselves - both the good and bad we can't seem to claim because of the past.

  2. Even the past of our parents can have that hold over us. My brothers and I daily have to deal with the War trauma´s of my mother which, the older she gets, the more they come to the surface. We have been raised in fear of the outside world and of losing loved ones and with lack of trust. All this ands omuch more is trying to keep me captive and my struggle for freedom always continues

  3. I come in contact with lots of folks with so much self-bravado, the art of miss direction to hide their low self esteem. I recognize the sham, because I see it in my own mirror.

  4. Perhaps we overstate our weaknesses, because we judge ourselves by other people's progress. But we can't Really know what their buffalo is because we are looking outside in.


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