Friday, June 1, 2018


Daily Draw: Spiral Tarot ~ Queen of Coins

"Practical and comfortable" Steventon

This Queen seems to be the 9 of Coins lady, older, smarter.
I'm out of the trial for my eyes. One is too good, one is too bad.
The practical side immediately thought, goodie, they will be just right for the fourth trial when they know even more.
Reality says the little featherweight sewing machine I take in the RV is no longer realistic for my sight. Instead of grieving, I'm thinking, goodie, sell it, get a small machine with better light and self threader.

I shout at myself, I don't want to know! but wiser, I'm booked for the chest cat scan and the mammogram.
A wise woman brooks no excuses. Comfortable isn't very sexy, but practical is the key of my life.


  1. The courage to know rather than hide always makes the possibilities available a wider selection. (((S)))

  2. You are definitely made of Queen material. Long may you reign.


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