Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Daily Draw: Merry Day Tarot ~ Strength

Is this a fantastic creature or what? Apparently enjoys bodhran, is amenable to saddle and reins. Has large three clawed feet, teeth made to rip, and a defensive tail. I'm guessing it intimidates by size so seldom needs to actually fight. 

The small centaur in the lower corner is smiling but no fool, giving plenty of leeway for an escape route. That also says strength; common sense is a good portion of valor. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Kid's Table

Daily Draw: Merry Day Tarot ~ 7 of Wands

This card offers two keywords, applicable to holiday family occasions this week. If someone is gobbing off about religion or politics how do you handle it? These are weird times...

I saw a headline that said the little kids table should be banned. I always liked sitting there as a kid, cute little table, cute little chairs. But by seven to nine year olds? If they are willing to put up with adults squeeze in another chair. They will get true memories of family. I only remember some aunts and uncles and cousins via the specific interaction when eating together. Never saw them anywhere else. Our warrior here is how little kids see the adult 'seen and not heard'.

Monday, November 19, 2018


Daily Draw: Merry Day Tarot ~ Hierophant/Mentor

My most recent mentor was Jan. I did her hair every week for 10-ish years. Married to a military man, she lived all over the world, had a child in Japan, another in Germany during the Nuremberg trials. She taught me to be open to what life brings and changed me in many ways.

Rest in peace my friend, you'll never be forgotten as long as I am alive. Sept.26, 1919-Aug. 21, 2015

Sunday, November 18, 2018


Daily Draw: Merry Day Tarot ~ Ace of Wands/Fire Dragon

Those Wands. "Work Work Work Work Work" Mel Burns

I got a notice from Flickr they were going to a paid format and would only hold 1000 images for free. The rest would be deleted. I panicked because I have well over 5K photos on this blog, wouldn't it be sad to lose all that?

Turns out I got the notice because one time I joined one quilt sharing group. Whew. But it made me wonder where the heck all my images are? Apparently on Picasa, which moved to google photos and most are in Quirkeries blogger archives there.

And I don't know much more than I knew when I started. Should I lay awake worrying about losing all those photos?  Could my computer hold all those images if I downloaded them? And like Webshots (which deleted millions of albums) would they all arrive with a string of numbers making sorting a nightmare? Work Work Work...

Saturday, November 17, 2018

No Path At All

Daily Draw: Legend Arthurian Tarot ~ 8 of Cups

We had early Thanksgiving yesterday with two people we love. A+ day! We all retired about the same time and all agreed retirement is the best thing ever invented. Play all day!

But we also agreed what we liked or needed to do fills up the time and space we have to do it in and that pressure is both mental and physical.

I'm reminded by this card we don't have a new path, or old path, retirement is having no path at all. And we need one, with self discipline and mindfulness of our commitments. Time is precious, and truly flies.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Madder Than A Junkyard Dog

Daily Draw: Legend Arthurian Tarot ~ Devil/Cernunnos

Animal instincts in humans.
Die like a dog. Madder than a junkyard dog.  I'm stumped for any more. Probably because dogs are given bad press.

Humans can and do way worse than animals and do it again and again, deliberately. Leave animals out of human nature, we are far worse without the redeeming features of animal to balance the scales.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Price We Pay

Daily Draw: Legend Arthurian Tarot ~ Knight of Coins/Shields

At a crossroads, Bors found his sister on the left and brother on the right, both in mortal danger. He made the hard choice to save his sister. On returning they found the brother had saved himself. But that brother never spoke to him again.

It has been 20+ years since I've jumped in to save my little brother. That option does not exist because it never ends and never fixes. It has been -20 years since he has even asked. Yet he has never faulted or blamed me, when I see him I am always greeted with love. Somewhere inside my little brother resides this honorable Knight who can only live by his honest choices.

I love you Gordon; I'm sorry love has never been enough.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Daily Draw: Legend Arthruian Tarot ~ 4 of Swords

A convoluted story of Tristran and Isolt with heaps of treachery and deception all around.

Lives lived like this are probably how R&R and Executive Time got started.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Daily Draw: Legend Arthurian Tarot ~ Queen of Swords

After reading up on Morgause I was sorry I pulled the card. An unpleasant wife, mother, queen. But if I took the woman out of it and read her actions as a man and part of Arthur's court, then it is all business as usual.

Why do we allow men liberties and condemn women for the same behavior?

Monday, November 12, 2018

Go With It

Daily Draw: Legend Arthurian Tarot ~ 8 of Wands/Spears

A rush of enthusiasm, occasionally known as 'getting carried away'.
This card has my number.

I completely cop to often being carried away with some idea or project. It is an excited feeling, being in that grip. Awake and aware, brain pretty much in gear.

And I do have my three week rule, where I don't gut the house or sell a vehicle or paint myself red until three weeks have gone by. A little safeguard that pays for itself every time I use it.