Monday, August 19, 2019

Big-headed Woman

Ceccoli Tarot ~ Judgement
Letting go of the past

Out of the labyrinth a rose forms and from it arises a big-headed woman. By the time of Judgement our brains should be the best thing about us. A lifetime of pulling ourselves together, getting our head straight, understanding who we are, leaving the carpola behind.

I did a reading this week for a budding entrepreneur and asked her if she knew if she was a symmetrical or asymmetrical person. I'm asymmetrical and it was helpful to know that in managing my last two businesses. Do you know which you are?

Buhl Idaho is harvesting grain and we are enjoying fresh from the field corn on the cob and cantaloupe.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Disneyland Drive By

Tarot of the Cat People ~ 2 of Wands
Partnership, Balance, Division, Desire

We haven't had many vacations. The first, maybe three years after we married was a week. Nevada/Arizona/California. Traveling with a truck driver...point a to point b. Shudder. One of the reasons there were so few. We were out of money by California, did a Disneyland Drive By. About seven years in we got our first dog, Goldy. Things improved because we had to stop to run Goldy.

Our first retired trip was the day after mother was accepted into the memory care home. We were exhausted in every way. We drove straight to Mississippi to see a terminal friend, but we did stop to run the dogs, still the traveling lifesavers.

This is our fourth long retirement trip and we've got it dialed! Just two real destinations, short driving days, several days each stop to explore, and our little house on wheels, no motels! A happy partnership, a balance of who does what, all interests are being met.

Ash, in her favorite spot while I sew. Our first accident? I collect rocks. I would prefer to pile them up behind my seat. Rob dropped it in the pickup bed...on his fiberglass fishing pole. His first pole. Now a broken pole. Oops. 

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Daylight Savings

Oracle of the Radiant Sun ~ Detachment
Venus in Aquarius in the 11the House
Originality, Humanity, Rebelliousness

Daylight savings time. Originally thought to be a helpful idea for humanity..not. In a 24/7 world it works for no one, benefits no one. Pain in the arse for everyone.

Look here, type in your state, write your legislator. Detach from this idiot rule. Good job you states that already have or never did fall for the whole idea.

added later: check check check. Done.
added 8/19/19, from Representative Ed Orcutt:

Orcutt, Rep. Ed
Aug 18, 2019, 8:25 PM

I agree we need to stop the changing of the clocks twice a year. I supported a bill to allow us to opt out of Daylight Savings Time (stay on PDT permanently). As we neared the deadline for bills to advance and the bill had not moved, I signed on to a letter to the Speaker to move the bill – and, fortunately, he moved the bill! I supported it, but that change doesn’t happen automatically – it is just a request for Congress to authorize us to do it. But, we now have made the critical first move to accomplish this objective.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Repeat Master Plan

Oracle of the Radiant Sun ~ Speculation
Cancer in Jupiter in the 4th House
Gain, Nurturing, Attachment

The book reading of this card relates directly to my earlier Pounce Scrub Rinse Repeat master plan. If I'd drawn this card 2 or 3 weeks ago I'd probably be crying. Not today. Pounce Scrub Rinse Repeat.

I'll go to Speculation. Moving house today to Hagerman Idaho. Will there be fish or are the rivers too low? Will we need the heater in the mornings, after the high temps here?  Will the trees there be 'sappy' like the ones here? We are covered with sticky dots! I'll be setting up my sewing room, will my view be lovely? Fresh picked local corn on the cob tonight! Life is good, and speculation is part of the fun.

The 4X8 foot-ish wagons that traveled across the Oregon Trail in the mid 1800's. 2000 miles, 6 months. Everything you  need or go without. Believe me, I recognize how wonderful my Little House On Wheels is.
Visit the Oregon Trail Interpretive
Center if you are ever in Baker City Oregon! 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Nothing And Everything

Oracle of the Radiant Sun ~ Patience
Jupiter in Scorpio in the 6th house

The card says Scorpio, the book refers to Virgo. Patience and dedication are involved in proofing, including our life. That is what I do here, fact checking self, real or assumption? This blog keeps me honest, who knows what my brain would get up to without it.

On the road? Yesterday we pulled into a rest stop and I swore, no it couldn't be, yes I'm sure it was...a giant rooster sitting in the doorway of a parked camper. We were only 5 hours out from home and hens but I'm missing them like mad. So I got some steps in, going roundabout the park so I'd come up behind the camper and prove my brain wrong...and there it was. A Barred Rock of immense proportions. Taking in the day, people watching tourist antics. Let me assure you I got some good rooster petting in! The gentleman who traveled with him was headed to the nearest Veterans Hospital for some tests and follow-up after heart surgery.

Petting a dog can lower blood pressure, what does petting a rooster do? Nothing and everything. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Chex Check

Oracle of the Radiant Sun ~ Vision
Sun in Pisces in the 12th House
Understanding, sympathy, sacrifice

Bad parents, rotten teachers, too poor for tattoos, wrong place wrong time...sorry, not cutting it for me. Life is way too short to blame everyone and everything else for a personal path.

So I'll go on to Vision. Oh the things we'll see!! Setting out for a few months: Enough sewing stuff to last two years? Check. Plenty of mustard and tea and cheese? Snack bags of my personal Chex Mix recipe? Check. Desktop and decks? Check. Dogs and Cats? Check. Check in with the Moon this morning with a Moon Salutation? Orange and big! Check. Life is good.

Sharyn's Chex Mix
box Wheat Chex
box extra toasty Cheese-It's
bag Snyder's Butter Snaps
can peanuts
box Stauffer's whale crackers
Pour over top: cup popcorn oil
3 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce
2 teaspoons Johnny's seasoning
1 teaspoon chili powder, stir while pouring.
Giant metal bowl, bake 250 degrees one hour, stirring every 15 minutes. Store in snack zip locks. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Reserving Mercurial

Oracle of the Radiant Sun ~ Choice
Mars in Aquarius in the 7th house
Action with a sense of beauty and injustice

Mood swings, expending far too much energy in negative thoughts and pursuits. (Astrop) My silver hair isn't easy care anymore, my foreshortened breast feels like it has been hit with a dead blow hammer sometimes, I'm sick and tired of watching my weight, why is my closet full of old lady clothes...

Actually my silver is beautiful, I'm lucky to be alive X 10; as my mother would say, come here and I'll give you something to cry about, my closet is full of the same type of clothes I wore at 30...

And my fingernails are the most beautiful, 60's mood ring thermal blue. They go from pale afternoon sky blue to deep purple blue with the temperature. How cool is that? Today my choice is happy. But I reserve the right to be mercurial. 

Monday, August 12, 2019


Oracle of the Radiant Sun ~ Secrets
Venus in Scorpio in the 8th House
Empathy, self control, passion, regeneration

All of the above can be painful positions to hold. We use empathy to help or understand but that doesn't give us the right to throw ourselves into other's lives, at the demerit of our own.
Learning the self control to know when to observe, when to help, when to let someone help themselves is a life lesson, once learned of exceeding value. We can't fix anyone.
Passion? Where would life's fun be without it? We have to be excited about something else why get up in the morning?
Regeneration, part of what I love about being alive. If something I do or think or experience is carpola...I can change it. The need and the want are there, and so am I. I will not be less because it is easier or comfortable. I'm a Scorp, what can I say?

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sex Sells

Oracle of the Radiant Sun ~ Publicity
Jupiter in Leo in the 5th House
Gain, Creative Self-expression, Big Ego

I'm doing a reading for an entrepreneur on ideas to grow her business. Plain old publicity is always at the top of the list, a one person band has to think around corners differently than a corporation with money to burn.

And one person can now easily sell worldwide. And market to the world sitting at their home desk. Amazing. The side issue being we might have ten competitors at home base, we might have ten thousand worldwide.

Our friend here has found a flamboyant costume, wings for the bible folk, shoulder and leg because sex sells, a logo, and flashing stars for the kids. I think she'll make it, if not she'll always know she had a lot of fun trying. 

Saturday, August 10, 2019


Oracle of the Radiant Sun ~ Power

Moon in Scorpio in the 8th house
Security, self control, regeneration
Susceptible to brooding and outbursts

Umm, hello Sharyn