Saturday, April 14, 2007

Daily Draw: Chinese Tarot ~ Death

In the early days of tarot reading people would actually faint if this card came up - Oooooo you'll be dead by dusk sort of thing. We've come a long way since then in understanding the human psyche, self-empowerment, and common sense of tarot divination. Yes, if you never see another post here you'll know I died and never got a chance to chose next weeks deck for my daily draw readings.

But what this card means to me today is the end of something that is outside my control. In the Fool's journey this is card XIII not the end of the journey but a mid-point; a path we've chosen will end, a companion is lost, a job will fold, a partnership will dissolve, something big will have to be replaced...

I'm reminded by this card that all things come to an end, the wheel always turns. To learn and grow with whatever experience befalls me and to continue on my path a wiser better person that I was before.

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