Friday, April 13, 2007

Daily Draw: Chinese Tarot ~ The Moon

My favorite card in any deck, strikingly different in the Chinese Tarot as so many are. The goddess in this card holds a hare, a symbol of longevity.

Longevity is certainly something to ponder long and hard. My baby-boomer generation will be a society of haves and have nots in our old age. I believe we will be the longest living humans in history and will be part of the largest exchange of money in history in our inheritances. Our parents came through 2 world wars and the great depression of the 30's and saved for their old age. We on the other hand have never known want (I'm speaking very generally) and haven't saved a dime. Some of us were very successful and some will inherit fortunes, but most of us haven't managed to save a dime, have spent freely on instant gratification and bought the right to work until we die with those foolishly spent dollars. And that doesn't even begin to address trying to live from hand to mouth when our health fails.

La Luna reminds me to take care of myself physically and financially because there won't be anyone in my old age to champion and care for me.

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