Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Daily Draw: Fantastic Menagerie ~ 8 of Coins

Today's card shows a room full of musicians doing what they do best, and doing it very well. The 8 of Coins is the card of the Master Craftsman, The Journeyman, the result of personal investment of time and practice that brings us finally to the pinnacle of success.

This card reminds me to work hard at what I do, but not to make hard work of it. If we approach our chosen work with a glad heart rather than another day of drudgery our lives will be much enriched.

Another take on this card could be 'jam session'. It is always fun to get together with like minded people and just jam, no rules, individual riffs, let creativity free, no stifling. That too can be one more way to achieve my personal pinnacle.

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