Sunday, April 22, 2007

Daily Draw: Tarocco Bizzarro ~ King of Batons

The deck of the week is Italian, published by Dal Negro, the artist is Franco Bruna. He also created one featuring fantastical shoes I'd love to have.

The King of Batons is a take charge guy, in most cases a my way or the highway guy. Successful at whatever he turns his hand to, he is impatient with the slow to comprehend. His snarling dog much reflects his general outlook. His knowledge and life experience can enrich and improve most any situation if he is properly approached.

You have to laugh, the cards are so specific... we found out last night that my in-laws are coming to live next to us when they get their farm sold. This card is my father-in-law to a T. I am reminded that while this is an elegant solution to a sticky problem, all will not be wine and roses. Personalities will need to be acknowledged and moderated for this to work.

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