Sunday, April 29, 2007

Daily Draw: Tarot Nova ~ 10 of Wands

A new week a fresh deck. This small deck goes by a number of identifiers as the box simply says Tarot. Some call it the Running Press deck, others call it Tarot Nova. I'm using it this week in honor of an AT member who retired hers as too worn to even use. I've avoided using this deck because the small size combined with the stiff cards makes it difficult to shuffle. The art is charming though and quite to the point so it is worth the effort to accommodate the cardstock.

In this version the Wand carrier has his head up and has worked out a way to carry the Wands so the burden is not overwhelming. Often this card shows the carrier arriving at the end of his destination as exhausted and broken. I take heart from today's draw. We have committed ourselves to a job that could very easily turn into a burden, but I refuse to let it become so. There are always options in approaching a duty and since the goal is so important I'll keep my head up with my eyes to that and think outside the box for solutions to difficulties.

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