Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daily Draw: Harmonious Tarot ~ Judgement

A difficult card to draw in this deck as I am unsure what the pink item on the right is or why the 1/2 jug and odd R-W-C style wand is in the picture. One thought is the pink item is a figure on its knees in supplication either asking mercy or in acceptance of what is due.

One thing we need to complete before we can move on to the wholeness of the World Card is to make peace with our past. Everyone has baggage and millstones from our past. Sometimes we cling to them like limpets, visibly packing them everywhere we go and it certainly affects everything we do, becoming our personality. The bully, the victim, the sad sack... Some of them we bury and try never to think about, but they aren't really buried and that baggage smells of decomposition because we aren't dealing with it. Sometimes that baggage is what we think of as a good thing. Our moment of heroism, an award, those moments in life where we were briefly lifted above the mundane. Good memories are part of the balance we need, but those exceptional moments do not make up our life either, getting over ourselves is another step we have to make, and what Judgement offers.

This card is telling me today that I need to let something go. Each day we get up and start again, fresh. Why let threads and whispers of the past reform into old patterns when we have the blessed opportunity to build something new and unfettered?

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