Monday, June 4, 2007

Daily Draw: Wonderland Tarot ~ 8 of Hats

Again with the 8 of cups! I know I'm moving on, that I will be leaving something behind, that I've triggered big changes that will affect me for some time to come...I wonder why this card keeps coming up? Five times in the last 3 months, twice this week.

I did a two card draw, what I'm missing/what I need to do and got the Knight of Flamingos and 3 of Flamingos (swords in this deck). Which in effect say the same thing in two cards the 8 of cups says in one. The Knight is racing to the left (past) and the 3 of flamingos represents losing or leaving something behind, causing great hurt. My Mad Hatter in the 8 of Hats is racing to the right (future).

My plans for the future are tied to what I've worked on in the past, and I recognize that for the future plans to work I need to be finished with the current situation. There is little question of that; Threes are tied to the Empress card and I know I'm losing her. So rather than muddy the draw more I will accept that the cards are clear as glass and accurately reflect the current status of my life.

I'm reminded by these cards to not have illusions or expect miracles. The path I'm on and the future path I've chosen are both hard. 3 of Swords days are part and parcel of life and that we can't have joy without sorrow to balance.

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