Saturday, June 9, 2007

Daily Draw: Wonderland Tarot ~ Judgement

This scene is from the trial of the Knave of Hearts who may or may not have stolen the Queen's tarts. I have jury duty the last 2 weeks of this month. I've served before in 2 states and 4 different counties. Funny how some get called often and some never are, in what are supposed to be random pulls. Yet when I look back at my list of daily cards I see many cards have never been drawn, others like Judgement have been pulled 4 or 5 times. Random or guided? Who knows, but the cards are a lot more fun than jury duty.

I'm reminded by this card that legal dramas on television have very little basis in reality. Trials and defendants don't provide black and white situations , seldom is the choice clear cut, and defense and prosecuting attorneys are mostly hard working joe's, not glib, handsome, or beautiful. Paul Drake and Della Street never sit at the front to run errands, and 3 hour lunches don't happen. Yet eventually the chaff is separated from the wheat and most of the truth is discerned. See and listen to arrive at justice and judgement.

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