Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Daily Draw: Hanson-Roberts Tarot ~ Knight of Rods

The info-junkie side of myself speaks today I think. The part that says give me a chair, hotplate, a cot, and I could live very happily in a library. The quest for why and how, the quest that brought me to study Tarot in fact.

My brain is a double edged sword though, full of esoteric facts and figures, retaining information like what my high school class motto was (change is growth) and how the London Underground works, but often unable to remember what I had for breakfast or how much money is in my checking account. I wish I knew, and I wonder, is the starter pistol for a sideways sashay into a fact finding mission. All great good fun and makes my life a pleasure, but I must remember discipline also...being self employed my sense of time can get wobbly. I know...I need an hour glass! I wonder how long sand timers have been around? I wonder if some sand is better than others? I wonder if it is real sand or synthetic? I wonder how many forms a glass blower had to make to get one that flowed properly? Or was the sand amount altered according to the pinch the blower put in the center and whose job was it to time the timers? Excuse me please, I need to do some research.

I'm not dumb, I just have a command of throughly useless information." - Bill Watterson 1958-

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