Monday, August 20, 2007

Daily Draw: Miss Cleo Tarot ~ Temperance

In this deck Temperance much resembles the Egyptian Maat whose 42 principles of truth, justice, and order would certainly indicate having temperance in all things as most of us most areas of our life. I'm thinking today of collections or hobbies. How is it that a normally moderate person can go so far overboard in this one area of life? The hunt for that widget can become an obsession, money no object, until the seeker spends a fortune to fill his house with multiple copies of something that has very little value on the secondary market. Tried to sell a beanie baby or Bradford plate lately? Good luck. Have five Skidoos in your garage but no savings? Have boxes of your widget under the bed, stacked in the basement, and in the trunk of the car? This is when Temperance is called for, time to put the brakes on that obsessive behavior and come to our senses.

I'm reminded by this card of all the things in my home I have more than one of. I don't consider myself a collector of anything yet I can sit at this desk, look to my left and right and see more than I need of a number of items. Time to re-remember want vs. need and get back to basics with Temperance.

"Someone with an obsession is someone who has very little sales resistance" ~ C.S. Lewis 1898-1963

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