Monday, September 24, 2007

Daily Draw: Golden Tarot ~ The Lovers

Hopeful or hopeless, the bulk of the questions we readers hear are from the lovelorn. Is she the one, is he cheating, should I take a chance, can I trust them; almost always questions asked in a manner which gives away the persons personal power to the cards. Yes/No queries are better asked of a Magic 8 Ball or a coin toss for all the good they do. Tarot's real power and ability to help starts with the question; the magic if you must call it that will then come from the cards drawn. Reformulate the query to begin with What can I or How can I and the answers the cards give will show the querent that changes, answers, and success lie within their own power.

So much for today's sermon on the Mount...and back to Love. When I was in high school our biology teacher said something I couldn't believe, being over-run with hormones at the time. He said the beautiful thing about married love is that it grows over time and becomes less concerned with sex and more about being true best friends. Never happen I thought to myself, but he is old (all of 30) so what can he know? But it is true and one of the greatest long-term gifts of partnership that we can receive. It is easy to jump start the sex when hormones settle down, but only time and effort can build that bridge to trust and friendship and sadly most couples won't put in the time; They never even see the bridge let alone try to cross it to something deeper and better. Their loss, their blindness.

"Marriage is more than four bare legs in a bed." ~ Hoshang N. Akhtar

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