Saturday, September 22, 2007

Daily Draw: Tarot of the Cat People ~ Page of Cups

This Page can be as one with nature, is often quiet and mediative. I don't stop and appreciate this beautiful world nearly enough. I whip through my life saying "oh what a nice day" but seldom just sit back and look at the shape of a tree, the bark, the leaf structure, the color of the sky...

I should take a page from my goat's book. They must be working, their acre and a half paddock is pretty tidy, but mostly when I look they are loafing on their gravel pile chewing their cud. Maybe I need the equivalent of a cud as a reminder to slow down, look up, appreciate and reflect on the day. After all I'll never get it back.

A soul without reflection, like a house without inhabitant, to ruin runs. ~ Edward Young 1683-1765

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