Saturday, December 8, 2007

Daily Draw: R-W Tarot ~ Strength

I'm thinking of strength and my old dog Windsor this morning. He is a shelter animal of mixed parentage, weighing in at about 65 pounds. In his prime we were often amazed at how much strength a mid-sized dog like him could exhibit. He no longer leaps up and over the front steps, he prefers to use the wheel-chair ramp at the office door please. He no long tears down the steps from the 2nd floor, but sits and waits until one of us turns and faces him, and walking backward, support
his chest so he doesn't go tip-over-teakettle down. He is now deaf, getting cataracts, prone to infections...yet his constant wagging tail and big smile are still there, so we know he isn't ready to leave us yet. He will still do anything for a Danish butter cookie, is frantic to get out the door and greet Rob when he sees the big blue Dodge coming up the drive. He still takes his missions seriously, there will be no Rock Doves snacking at the bird feeders, no Schwann's truck passes by without a serious barkfest. He can tell time, at 7 AM and 5 PM if I'm busy he will come and sneeze on me until I get up and fix his special meals. Only once in 16 years has he stolen human food and he has had plenty of opportunity. He treats our cats and small dog as his charge and would allow no harm to come to them.

I'm reminded by this card that Strength of Character is important and I salute Windsor for his unfailing character.

"Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing is so gentle as real strength." ~ St. Frances 1567-1622

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