Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Daily Draw: Haindl Tarot ~ Wheel of Fortune

An interesting feature in this depiction of the Wheel is the hand at the center of the spokes. It has the light of knowledge in the center and suggests the Wheel spins, the center is stationary. That poised hand implies often we have the ability to stop or start the Wheel ourselves. We set events into motion, we can also stop or head off disaster, and encourage joy and success.

I'm reminded by this Wheel that we hold the power. Never give our own power away by allowing someone else to control our destiny. Grab the axle and make a real choice, no wimps looking for excuses and fall guys allowed.

"Though fortune's malice overthrow my state, My mind exceeds the compass of her wheel." ~ William Shakespeare 1565-1616

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Daily Draw: Haindl Tarot ~ Death

I wonder about reincarnation sometimes, along with karma. If we do come back on a higher plane each time why are there so many rotten humans still, and so few really good ones? And if karma were a fact of life as many seem to think, why do so many good people have such horrible things happen to them? And why oh why, do people who seem to believe in karma say things like "he took my son because I was bad"? Hello. Who got punished there? Not you, you are still there to sin and sin again at your leisure, the son was the one who got karmaized.

I'm reminded by this card that a death brings out the best and the worst in people. Near strangers will weep and do their best to help and console, blood family will rob you blind. Funerals are often the only time when extended family ever see each other; the joke oft said is "we have to quit meeting like this". And no matter how old we get we really don't think we or anyone we love is ever going to die, it always comes as a shock to the system.

"Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna look you right in the face
Better get yourself together darlin'
Join the human race
How in the world you gonna see
Laughin' at fools like me
Who in the hell d'you think you are
A super star
Well, right you are" ~ Instant Karma, John Lennon 1940-1980

Monday, April 28, 2008

Daily Draw: Haindl Tarot ~ Mother of Stones

In Hopi prophecy humankind must work their way up through the seven layers of Earth to achieve completeness, just as Spider Woman shows a seven layer labyrinth formed from the center of her knowledge.

I'm reminded by this card that we are all works in progress, that each day offers a new opportunity to rise above who we were yesterday. Some days are not so good and we drop back a few rungs. A few days are so special we can see the light at top. With unfailing effort I feel we can rise above our base instincts to become better, walking the walk rather than talking the talk.

"In learning to know other things, and other minds, we become more intimately acquainted with ourselves, and are to ourselves better worth knowing." ~ Philip Gilbert Hamilton 1834-1894

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Daily Draw: Haindl Tarot ~ 2 of Stones

When people, events, and life in general are in harmony there is steady movement. Life isn't static, so whether we are aware of it or not as we chart our way through the day we are always working and moving toward what is harmonious. We know when we hit it and we surely know when we miss.

I'm reminded by this card of when petty small Quirk comes out and creates disharmony. That demeans me and does no honor to the life I've been given. I'm working hard to banish that part of my personality. Today I welcome the grace in the two of Stones.

"Embody the three harmonies: within; with others; and with nature." ~ Robert Gilman 1945-

Hermann Haindl used India, Egypt, England, and America to represent the 4 suits. The art of the Majors he painted specifically for this deck. The 1-10 Minor cards are all pulled from sections of his earlier paintings. The Courts are from the land the suit represents, and are one of the strongest features of the deck. This two of stones comes from his Dionysus; to represent harmony he chose the part of the painting that contained the movement of the gold and black threads of the tallis, or prayer shawl. This deck also incorporates the I Ching on the Minors, and runes and Hebrew letters on the Majors.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Daily Draw: Drogi Tarot ~ Hermit

I'm actually the Hanged Man Hermit today, I'm having enforced hermithood because I'm sick and got left home alone, and today was supposed to be a fun day. Wrackafratz.

I'm reminded by this card there are many reasons for hermithood. We have a Hermit llama in the neighborhood which was abused, rescued, and then abandoned by the rescuer. Today I could see it looking over my fence, the closest I've ever seen it. I went to the barn and got a loaf of prime alfalfa and stood at the fence calling it softly until either the alfalfa or my voice or hunger was too much to resist and it came to eat. Of course it wouldn't let me touch it, nor even raise my arm as if I were going to, but it willingly partook from the unexpected feast. So we two Hanged Man Hermits shared a moment, both of us a bit better for the time spent together.

“Sadder than destitution, sadder than a beggar is the man who eats alone in public. Nothing more contradicts the laws of man or beast, for animals always do each other the honor of sharing or disputing each other's food.” ~ Jean Baudrillard 1929-2007

Friday, April 25, 2008

Daily Draw: Drogi Tarot ~ 2 of Cups

We have a lovely scene of a couple enjoying a streamside repast, they are both at ease, relaxed...but there is a boulder in the stream and the wine glasses seem to be churning up a wind storm. This is the sort of thing lovers like to do and when it works out it makes for a lovely memory down the road. With no distractions they can talk about anything in the world, share dreams, share qualms...

I'm reminded by that wind that while lovely, these times are also exceedingly delicate and care must be taken to ensure it is a good memory. It can have more impact on your future than that million dollar wedding ceremony that lasts 15 minutes. Leave your baggage at home, along with the back seat driver, the cell phone, the hidden agendas, yesterday's hurts. When a golden opportunity like the 2 of Cups presents itself treat it like the gold it is and nurture the relationship, the benefits will astound you.

"Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened." ~ T.S. Eliot 1888-1965

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Daily Draw: Drogi Tarot ~ 10 of Coins

We have bird feeding stations all the way around our home, 'cat TV' for our indoor cats, and because we too love to watch all the feathered friends who come to nosh. That sort of earthly blessing is part and parcel of the 10 of Pents.

The bird landing in the tree reminds me of how the Mourning Doves arrive. They seldom come in and land at a feeding station, they land 20 or 30 feet down the driveway or the lawn, like an inconvenient bus stop. Then they walk in, or more commonly a male will chase a female in, chest bloated, hooty-hoot hooty-hoot. We approach many things in life like the doves do. We can see the goal but we stop short and treat ourselves to a hard slog before we arrive. Why?
The 10 of Pents is right there before us, yet we set up all kind of roadblocks to our success. As Dr. Phil would say, "How's that workin' for ya?". Why not accept the gifts we've earned or been given without all the ruddy palaver beforehand?

"If I could define enlightenment I would say it is ''the quiet acceptance of what is.'' ~ Wayne Dyer 1940-

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Daily Draw: Drogi Tarot ~ High Priest

Know thyself. This card suggests we already know the answers to our personal questions. We claim we want to know, need to know, must know, yet we keep our brain going with busywork, rather than embrace the silence and listen to the truth from within.

I'm reminded by this card that I know exactly why I'm anxious about this weekend, I just don't like the truth so I keep dancing around other partial truths. Were I a serial querent I'd have read the cards on the problem a dozen times this week...looking for the answer I wanted to hear rather than the truth. Be still. Listen. Learn yourself before you try to change someone else.

“Your mind knows only some things. Your inner voice, your instinct, knows everything. If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path." ~ Henry Winkler 1945-

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Daily Draw: Drogi Tarot ~ Page of Coins

This page appears to be a student of life, one who likes to figure out how things work. I don't think you'd often find this page making assumptions or taking anything for granted, his own extensive groundwork would assure appreciation for the efforts of others.

I'm reminded by this card that most of us have felt taken for granted at one time or another. Felt like part of the woodwork, unnoticed and unappreciated. If we go on strike we feel like a traitor, if we roll over and play dead we feel like a chump. I don't have an answer because even if we shake up the situation, eventually it will settle back into the same thing. What we can and should do, is look around us and show our appreciation for what others do that make our life better, both within the household and without. Really look at all the tasks others do without complaining or being asked, or as part of their job. Do we ever thank the janitors at work? Does anyone ever leave them cookies? The kid at the gas station or behind the counter at Taco Bell? Those are hard and thankless jobs, ever slip one of them a dollar with a genuine smile of thanks? How about the lady that volunteers as a crossing guard at the school in all weather? How about your spouse. What do they do routinely that we forget to thank them for? Wake up! Life isn't just about you and me, it is about all of us, lets appreciate all the different skills and knowledge that go into making our days worth getting up for.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." ~ Voltaire 1695-1788

Monday, April 21, 2008

Daily Draw: Drogi Tarot ~ 9 of Swords

This figure, surrounded by 9 Swords and 9 planets seems to be pondering his place in the cosmos. He has a open tome in his lap and is reaching up as if to touch the largest sphere. He gives me the impression that whatever his lot in life, he recognizes that his response is what determines whether that experience turns out good or bad.

This card reminds me that attitude is everything. Our expectations can be self fulfilling, our reactions make or break our days.

"The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same." ~ Carlos Castaneda 1925-1998

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Daily Draw: Swietlistej Drogi ~ 8 of Wands

It is 8 days until my father-in-law's 90th birthday. I can already feel my neck and shoulders tensing up. This is not a family that can communicate in any way but with anger and 1/2 of those coming are already mad. Fortunately I have a bolt hole I can go to, to get out of the line of fire, but that won't help my FIL.

I'm reminded once again how differently any two people can see a situation or event. Ask any policeman at the scene of a wreck. 12 people were witnesses, and there are 12 conflicting reports to prove it. I pray for the ability to facilitate peace and respect, and keep my mouth shut when it isn't any of my business. That day will catch fire and burn just like every other day, I hope we are left with some good memories rather than ash.

"But how carve way i' the life that lies before,
If bent on groaning ever for the past?" ~ Robert Browning 1812-1889

The deck this week is Polish, the stunning Swietlistej Drogi by Alla Alicja Chrzanowska, 2001.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Daily Draw: Shakespearian Tarot ~ 4 of Orbs

Antonio in the Merchant of Venice has his entire fortune tied up in ships that ply the sea. He is a rich long as the seas cooperate.

I'm reminded by this card to not put all my eggs in one basket, particularly in this rough economy. What I thought would be a rock solid investment or job may be a memory tomorrow.

Marge: Homer, the plant called. They said if you don't show up tomorrow don't bother showing up on Monday.
Homer: Woo-hoo. Four-day weekend. ~ Homer J. Simpson 1987-

Friday, April 18, 2008

Daily Draw: Shakespearian Tarot ~ 3 of Orbs

Personal growth and progress toward goals. My working with the cards is all about personal growth, a book with 78 pages that remind me of a better way to think or behave. They of course have many other uses, but that is what works best for me. The cards were a 'something new in the New Year' project some years ago; this year I've only just now found a new subject for 2008, I'm taking up yoga. I'm surprised I've not thought of it before or that my doctor didn't recommend it a long time ago. Beginning yoga is perfect for me, one who hasn't imbibed in exercise on a regular basis. I look forward to it rather than dread it. The opposite of today's popular boot camp classes. Stretching, centering, pulling, reaching, toning; just the ticket for me. A perfect 3 of Orbs solution.

I'm reminded by this card there is always something new to learn. Yesterday I learned Namaste, a beautiful ancient Eastern word of meeting or parting.

I honor the place in you in which the Divine dwells,
I honor the place in you which is of Love, Truth, Light, Peace,
When you are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in me, we are One.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Daily Draw: Shakespearian Tarot ~ Hanged Man

Here is a child from a dysfunctional family. Unable to rise beyond the sins of the past, in the end it took him; heart, mind, soul. It is a timeless story, the sort that makes the paper every day; you can't even imagine the daily nightmare so many children live through and sometimes don't. Yet like the Hanged Man, there they are, unable to get away, not even knowing they could get away many times. After all, family is what you have when you don't have anything else, right?

I'm reminded by this card to keep my judgments to myself; I can have no idea where their behavior is coming from. There but for the grace of God go I.

"Stupid or smart, there wasn't much choice about what was going to happen to me. Growing up was like falling into a hole....It all looked bleak to me. No wonder people got crazy as they grew up." ~ Dorothy Allison 1949-

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Daily Draw: Shakespearian Tarot ~ 2 of Sceptres

Tiny cogs move the big Wheel, this is a good example. These two high spirited boys, filled with braggadocio about picking a fight with the Montagues set into motion the events that lead to the death of Romeo and Juliet.

I'm reminded by this card that we do not live in a vacuum, that each action we make causes ripples that affect other people. To be mindful of my actions lest I do harm not meant.

“Success is more dangerous than failure, the ripples break over a wider coastline.” ~ Graham Greene 1904-1991

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Daily Draw: Shakespearian Tarot ~ Wheel

This representation of the Wheel is partially obscured by fog, one rampant leopard just clearing it, the other disappearing into it. We live on a steep hill at 940 feet altitude. Quite often we will be enveloped in fog, yet as I take the one mile trip down the hill I will find the rest of the world is bright and full of sun.

I'm reminded by this card that we might be guilty of wallowing in the dark rather than getting up on our hind legs and moving toward the light. If we 'know' we are going to have trouble with something, we probably will, we've created our own downside. Attitude and altitude go hand in hand on this Wheel.

"So often time it happens, we live our life in chains, and we never even know we have the key." ~The Eagles, "Already Gone"

Monday, April 14, 2008

Daily Draw: Shakespearian Tarot ~ 4 of Sceptres

Dreams realized. What a great feeling to start with an idea and work our way through the various stages and see completion. A profitable business, a child grown, educated, and successful on their own; even a daily to-do list can give great pleasure when every line is marked off finished.

I'm reminded by this card that everything started as someone's dream, all the great accomplishments of the world. And all those accomplishments had to start with one person, taking that first step. We may sometimes feel like a grain of sand on the beach, but get that grain in an oyster and see what comes of it, or get that grain in your eye and see how important it becomes. Each one of us, each grain, can make all the difference in the world, if we but start, and see it through to the end.

"There are people who put their dreams in a little box and say, "Yes, I've got dreams, of course I've got dreams." Then they put the box away and bring it out once in awhile to look in it, and yep, they're still there. These are great dreams, but they never even get out of the box. It takes an uncommon amount of guts to put your dreams on the line, to hold them up and say, "How good or how bad am I?" That's where courage comes in." ~ Erma Bombeck 1927-1996
Daily Draw: Shakespearian Tarot ~ 4 of Swords

(for Sunday 04/13/08) This is the aftermath of the of the battle of Agincourt from Henry the Fifth. This was the winners side, counting coupe, also counting their own losses. Because no matter what the battle the winners are also losers. In a court battle you may win the case but the attorneys are the real winners. In a family battle you may win the inheritance, but you are also the loser, the people who really loved the deceased will never fight, they'd rather walk away, taking the thing of real value, family who loved you until you put money or things first. A fight with a neighbor? So their dog quits running in your yard, but you've lost the opportunity for friendship and community values in the process.

I'm reminded by this card to chose my battles carefully. The aftermath is brutal, hence requiring the regathering of forces to go forward another day.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle." ~ Plato 428 BC-348 BC

The Shakespearian Tarot by Delores Ashcroft-Nowicki, illustrations by Paul Hardy, published in 1997, Diamond Books, out of print. The cards are all based on a scene or character from 28 different William Shakespeare plays.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Daily Draw: Triple Goddess Tarot ~ Passage

I think we suffer little deaths or Passages daily because, bless our hearts, we look for unrealistic results. Come on, you know I'm telling the old are you and how many decades of holiday family gatherings have you hoped were TV & Movieworld bright and loving and cheerful? Found out the family heirloom you had hid away for safety isn't worth but pennies? Had an internet fling that ended when you actually met the person...Way unrealistic expectation in that world. Waited for the phone call that didn't come. The dream vacation that wasn't.

I'm reminded by this card that our optimism is one of our best features and in spite of daily infusions of reality we continue to hope and wish and yes, work toward the best life can offer, regardless of the little deaths we suffer along the way.

"An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality; our desires being often but precursors of the things which we are capable of performing." ~ Samuel Smiles 1812-1904

Friday, April 11, 2008

Daily Draw: Triple Goddess Tarot ~ Initiation

In the course of life we have many 'new person' 'first day' initiation experiences. Some go better than others. Occasionally we are the stumbling block and can't make it work, sometimes circumstances or people block us and we stop before we really start. This card is Temperance morphing into Star, in this deck a card of service to the world, the initiate releasing her heavenly form and taking the human form.

I'm reminded by this card of all the different 'first days' I've had. Most are stressful because we always have a lot of new information to process, plus finding our place within a group of new people. It is usually pretty obvious when someone is new to their occupation or task; I make a point of telling them what a great job they are doing and soon they will be taking it all in stride. Their shoulders and forehead relax and suddenly they are perfectly capable of doing what was so difficult just moments before. A little kindness to an initiate can go a long way to making both your and their day better.

"A true initiation never ends. Beyond a certain point, the whole universe becomes a continuous process of initiation." Robert Anton Wilson 1932-2007

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daily Draw: Triple Goddess Tarot ~ Trinity

The end all be all card of this deck, the Trinity or Tara or Triple Triple Goddess. She is the female equivalent of Buddha and once a year all around the world there is a 21 Praises of Tara Dance celebration.

I'm reminded by this card why I don't like this deck and why I do. I'm not familiar with the faith it represents, yet I enjoy learning new things to better understand the differences of the world and I'm happy to accept the blessings this card infers. An open mind doesn't argue about what it doesn't know, a closed mind fights with no weapons and loses.

“I try to keep an open mind, but not so open that my brains fall out." ~ Judge Harold T. Stone, Night Court 1984-1992

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Daily Draw: Triple Goddess Tarot ~ Open Heart

Ever have a nightmare so frightening you wake up screaming? Or a dream so funny you wake yourself up laughing? Or dreams about loved ones that broke your heart?

I'm reminded by this card that dreams are just figments and wisps and have little if anything to do with real life. Like dreams of being an airplane pilot, walking on water, and speaking Mandarin, who could know what triggers them? But those nightmare wisps can remain through our day and can start casting insidious doubts about people we love. Don't go there, it's a fools journey and no good can come of it.

“It was a dark and stormy nightmare" ~ Neil Gaiman 1960-

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Daily Draw: Triple Goddess Tarot ~ Song of Creation

Like a leaf in a small lazy whirlpool that is nudged into the current, life begins to pick up speed with this card. Before we couldn't see a direction to go, now we see the potential of all paths. We welcome new adventures and eagerly anticipate new challenges. We are up for it!

I'm reminded by this card that life has phases, and so do the weeks and days. We would burn up going flat out all the time, we would fade and extinguish if we paused too long. Sometimes we need a spark, a stimulus, occasionally the equivalent of a taser strike to get moving. This card tells us to pole vault out of the rut we are in, even if it is oh so comfortable and cushy. Get a move on, life is short and then we die. Don't let my epitaph be "sure wish I'd tried something new".

"Without an understanding of myth or religion, without an understanding of the relationship between destruction and creation, death and rebirth, the individual suffers the mysteries of life as meaningless mayhem alone." ~ Marion Woodman 1928-

Monday, April 7, 2008

Daily Draw: Triple Goddess Tarot ~ Path of Balance

The path between ignorance and knowledge, between chaos and order. Like a little kid in the back seat, I keep wondering "are we there yet? are we there yet?" The answer is always no because each day we get up and start up the path again. Most of us may have three squares and a cot, but we can gain and loose our balance of humanity in an instant.

I'm reminded by this card that the basic principles of a better humanity are in our grasp, the grasp of individuals like you and me. When we each achieve balance the world is a better place for the period of time in which we can hold it...and for as long as we continue to try.

"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty." ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi 1869-1948

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Daily Draw: Triple Goddess Tarot ~ Infinite Potential

There are four extra Majors at the end of this deck, this card being the third. It represents well my general feelings about this deck. In the Infinite Potential we are at the third level of being. We have made a lot of mistakes, achieved much wisdom, and are confident to dream of something, work out how to do it, and accomplish it; our scam-o-meter is pretty accurate; in other words, adults with a brain and experience, but not saints. I bought this deck because I liked the art on the book cover and what I got is a beautiful deck of renamed Majors+4 the author actually calls alchemy cards, no minors, 7 additional chakra cards. Like last week's deck, not exactly what you'd call tarot. So my woo'woo-ometer spiked but I'm pulling up my big-girl-panties and dealing with it.

I'm reminded by this card that most everything we do in this life has the potential to blow up in our face or provide blessings beyond our wildest dreams. And truly, if we are handed lemons and can make lemonade, all the better. It is fodder for experience and will provide guidance toward the next decision we make. Pseudo-tarot or not I will get from this deck what I put into it, right? And I figure everything has a lesson to teach me, so I'll listen for the lesson from this not-tarot...and be happy I got it at bargain basement price and not retail, or I would have been very cross indeed. And the illustrations are lovely.

“A sobering thought: what if, at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential? Our ability to delude ourselves may be an important survival tool.” ~ Jane Wagner 1935

The Triple Goddess Tarot is designed and written by Isha Lerner, and illustrated by Mara Friedman, 2002, published by Bear and Co. The set includes a 230 page book.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Imbolc Awakening

Daily Draw: Runic Tarot ~ Awakening

Opposites attract and a wonderful melding it is if they can get through the first few years...Rob and I are the same race and born in the same state but there isn't much else we had in common, yet that powerful magnetism drew us together like there was no one else in the world. Love and determination were the only things that held us together for awhile, and still, 38 years later we unearth eccentricities in each other that surprise us.

I'm reminded by this card our differences are what made us whole, we each need what the other has to share, that which we are missing in ourselves. That summer afternoon when I nearly ran over him in my frenzy to get to work on time has been a blessing in my life ever since.

“An awakening which does not awaken the sleeper to love has roused him in vain." ~ Jessamyn West 1902-1984

Friday, April 4, 2008

Daily Draw: Runic Tarot ~ Management

I've been a lowly grunt, I've been in mid-management, and I've owned my own business. There are good and bad sides to all, but the one truth is the further up the ladder you go the more bosses you have. Someone somewhere, be it supervisor stockholder or customer, calls the shots and pulls the strings.

I'm reminded by this card that much of what we envision, we see through rose-colored glasses. There is no perfect job, no perfect company, and no perfect life. What we can do, based on those facts is create our joy from the inside, inner joy and peace will guide us right on past all the speed bumps that life throws us on the way to earning our keep.

"If you wish a person to be beaten, send them a ream full of instructions; if you wish them to succeed, give them a destination, and bid him conquer." ~ Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare 1827

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Daily Draw: Runic Tarot ~ Trust

I wonder if we have such a hard time trusting because maybe we aren't or at one time weren't trustworthy ourselves? Lord knows none of us are perfect, ever, and you can take that statement to the bank. You may not be unfaithful but you might look through a wallet. You may return incorrect change to the clerk, but you may also look through someone else's medicine cabinet. You lie awake at night worrying about what your 13 year old daughter is doing, because you know what you were doing at 13. Didn't seem dangerous then did it? But it sure does now.

I'm reminded that trust is earned and even when we know we are trustworthy, sometimes that isn't enough for someone else. Along with that trust lies faith. "I know you'll never hurt me" is a difficult step. If someone can't take that step we need to realize that not only do they need to trust us, they need to trust themselves. Sometimes that is the stumbling block.

"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe 1749-1832

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Daily Draw: Runic Tarot ~ Language

Os is a major in this deck, but seems a sister card to yesterday's cerebral Analysis card. Because it doesn't matter what our IQ is, how we communicate determines what impression people have of us. I'm not much of a talker in real life and I'd rather take a poke in the eye with a sharp stick than use the telephone, so I've often been judged as aloof, stand-offish, snooty, taciturn, stoic...but I make up for it in the virtual world of computers. A friend said I was not talkative but typative.

I'm reminded by this card that there are words and then there are words. To use language to communicate with others, and to express myself here, but to keep my face and heart to the light and maintain a positive and useful position. Quality and quantity are two completely different things, if we have nothing to communicate, be still and listen.

"Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing."
Robert Benchley ~ 1889 - 1945

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Daily Draw: Runic Tarot ~ Analysis

If there was ever a card with my name on it, this would be the one. I often refer to myself as an info-junkie; I love to learn new things, and follow hints and bits until I have the full story. That is probably the same reason for my love of mystery books. I'm taking part in the story as it unfolds, not laying there like a lump waiting for the slow-in-coming popular fiction story to fall on me.

I'm reminded by this card of the down side and why I have a 3-week-rule. Usually a couple of times a year I'll run across something fascinating and I'll research the bejebbers out of it. But I've learned from expensive experience to wait at least 3 weeks before I spend any money on this new and exciting subject. An example would be silk ribbon embroidery. I saw a stunning vest, fell in love, and spent nearly $200.00 on ribbon and books before I ever set needle to fabric. OMG, what is wrong with this picture? Could it be that I always have been and always will be, the world's worst embroiderer? Erm, yes. Having done this a few times, I've learned to live by my rule. Because quite often after 3 weeks I'll find I'm no longer interested, the knowledge itch has been scratched and I can then get on with my life.

"Night, the beloved. Night, when words fade and things come alive.
When the destructive analysis of day is done,
and all that is truly important becomes whole and sound again.
When man reassembles his fragmentary self and grows with the calm of a tree." ~ Antoine De Saint-Exupery 1900-1944