Sunday, April 6, 2008

Daily Draw: Triple Goddess Tarot ~ Infinite Potential

There are four extra Majors at the end of this deck, this card being the third. It represents well my general feelings about this deck. In the Infinite Potential we are at the third level of being. We have made a lot of mistakes, achieved much wisdom, and are confident to dream of something, work out how to do it, and accomplish it; our scam-o-meter is pretty accurate; in other words, adults with a brain and experience, but not saints. I bought this deck because I liked the art on the book cover and what I got is a beautiful deck of renamed Majors+4 the author actually calls alchemy cards, no minors, 7 additional chakra cards. Like last week's deck, not exactly what you'd call tarot. So my woo'woo-ometer spiked but I'm pulling up my big-girl-panties and dealing with it.

I'm reminded by this card that most everything we do in this life has the potential to blow up in our face or provide blessings beyond our wildest dreams. And truly, if we are handed lemons and can make lemonade, all the better. It is fodder for experience and will provide guidance toward the next decision we make. Pseudo-tarot or not I will get from this deck what I put into it, right? And I figure everything has a lesson to teach me, so I'll listen for the lesson from this not-tarot...and be happy I got it at bargain basement price and not retail, or I would have been very cross indeed. And the illustrations are lovely.

“A sobering thought: what if, at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential? Our ability to delude ourselves may be an important survival tool.” ~ Jane Wagner 1935

The Triple Goddess Tarot is designed and written by Isha Lerner, and illustrated by Mara Friedman, 2002, published by Bear and Co. The set includes a 230 page book.


  1. You're not just whistling dixie sister..keep the faith my friend :)



  2. I was JUST at your blog flipping around trying to leave YOU a message! I need your email! hugs and enjoy your time off.


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