Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alpha Beta Omega

Daily Draw: Ukiyoe Tarot ~ Strength

This card will always bring Windsor to mind, the big gentle dog we recently lost. We have been very lucky with our dog choices, and I say lucky instead of wise because they chose us, not the other way around. They've been smart strong well mannered Beta dogs. An Alpha dog regardless of size is leader of the pack and runs the house and its occupants unmercifully, always the one in charge. A Omega dog hides under the bed at the slightest noise, cowers when touched, submissive urinates when approached. Getting a dog without taking those traits into consideration is bringing home 10-15 years of problems.

I'm reminded by the stance and expression of Strength that neither of these figures are expressing control or submission, they are working or playing together as equals. You can see that if command was needed the human figure would have it, but only because the lion is Beta by nature. Should we be blessed with another dog I intend to keep these traits in mind. I guess I'm Beta too in my own way; I don't take crap from anyone, but I know I can be in control without being in command.

"The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center. So does a person." ~ Norman Vincent Peale 1898-1993

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