Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Get Thee Behind Me

Daily Draw: Napo Tarot ~ 4 of Cups

While searching the web last night for some thread, I ran across the site of a woman who teaches needlecraft skills popular in the 1800's for people who do Renaissance Fairs. In one of the photos was something that made me think "eeeuuuu, good grief, yuck". I was at the same time embarrassed by my reaction because it makes me absolutely furious when my boss does the same thing.

I'm reminded by this card when I see people that in my mind are not perfect, I have not walked a mile in their shoes and I in no way have the right to judge them. "Get over yourself Quirk, and tend to your own garden you totally imperfect fool."

"Perhaps our supercilious disgust with existence is a cover for a secret disgust with ourselves; we have botched and bungled our lives, and we cast the blame upon the environment or the world, which have no tongues to utter a defense." ~ Will Durant 1885-1981

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  1. Hi Quirk,

    I think your comment about *a cover* is very insightful. All too often, we can forget that when we react to other people, we are really reacting to something from within. But then *judgement* (not only of others but of ourselves) is a very very hard thing to let go of IMO.

    x Mouse


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