Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Drama Diva

Daily Draw: Moon Oracle ~ Sleeper

We all know one, sometimes, yes, even we are one. Wound up tighter than a tick and when the slightest thing goes awry it is freak out city. From the outside looking in we shake our heads, think Crisis Junkie, and wonder why they don't just deal with it. From the inside looking out we wonder why everyone is so apathetic.

I'm reminded by this card that not everyone is born with the inner stamina to deal with turmoil, large or small. Sometimes reactions were learned by observation of how parents dealt with problems, and yes, occasionally it is a cry for attention. This Sleeper card recognizes that everyone has a need for an inner reservoir of strength to resolve problems calmly. When that reservoir is in constant turmoil we beginning running on an empty tank. Going nowhere at top speed. Let's stop, take 10, and regroup. Personally? I recommend yoga...Vivaldi's Four Seasons...sit on a riverbank and do absolutely nothing but observe...allow our mind, body, and heart to join and begin to work as one. For us and not against us.

"There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full." ~ Henry Kissinger 1923-

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