Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Of Aluminum Cans And Millionaires

Daily Draw: Napo Tarot ~ 6 of Coins

Aluminum cans are recyclable here and you can turn them in for cash. I often see gentlemen of leisure with enormous bags of them strapped to the back of their bicycle headed for the metal depot. It takes about 24 cans to make a pound. My mother-in-law took her cans in a few weeks ago and the price paid for clean returns was .56 a pound. Dirty returns pay less. She walks everyday and picks them up in the course of her journey. I once watched her spend two days getting a couple of cans clean so she could get the higher price. Her last payday for her aluminum was $22.89 for about 6 months work. She does it because she hates litter and because she knows the value of a penny. She could also buy and sell about anyone reading this blog. I'm tempted to ask her to leave them because she is literally taking bread from the mouths of street people but at 86 she is set in her ways and I do respect very much her daily concern for the environment which shows in so many ways.

What I'm reminded of by this card is the two days to clean a couple of cans worth not quite three cents each and diesel fuel to use the pickup to turn in her cache, 20 mile round trip, $5.00 a gallon. Being an entrepreneur I always think of the value or cost of time and not just dollars in pocket, but what that time value is in life hours. On the other hand she is happy, she is Green, and it isn't any of my took me 59 minutes to write and research this blog post. Value to me? Priceless.

"Time is Money" ~ Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790 CNN
"Money is Time" ~ George Gissing 1857-1903 Boston Globe
"Your Money or Your Life" ~ Joe Dominguez 1938-1997

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  1. Hi Sharyn,

    This reminds me so much of my Mom. She is in her mid-70s and ever since I can remember has prided herself on being "thrifty". However, she spends so much time and so much money on gas by going from store to store getting the best prices on everything that in the end she is losing money. I've been trying to explain this too her since the 1970's but to no avail.

    I, too, value my time as much or more than money.



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