Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just Do It

Daily Draw: Arthurian Tarot ~ Spear 9

I'm drawing an absolute blank on this card after looking at it for an hour. I even caved and looked to the companion book for help, still no joy in Mudville. I'm wondering where this is that it has no trees on the hillsides. Why one spear rather than nine. Where the boat is the book alludes to. What is to the right that would make someone climb this cliff in the first place.

I'm reminded by this card that sometimes we just do the job because it's there and must be done. Like ironing, changing the car oil, cleaning the barn. There is no glory, no excitement, and shortly the job will have to be done again. The only thing that would gather attention is if the jobs weren't done. Here is to the life tasks that are finished without fail and to those that do them.

"We are the yeast that leavens our lives into rich, fully baked loaves. When we experience our lives as flat and lackluster, it is our consciousness that is at fault. We hold the inner key that turns our lives from thankless to fruitful." ~ Julia Cameron 1948-

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