Sunday, December 28, 2008

Divine Helping Hand

The Egyptian Scarab Oracle: Khepera

Kheper, in all it's forms, is a multi-use Egyptian root word with many meanings. As today's draw the Scarab indicates potential divine intervention on a current situation, or that I'm on track and should proceed with due vigor. The Khepera or Scarab was from earliest ancient days an agent or deity of the sun; it's shape or image immediate brings to mind Egypt and all things Egyptian.

I remember the first time I felt assured my personal urgent prayer had been answered by divine intervention. We were farm kids and farm kids are expected to do whatever they are capable of regardless of age. When we turned 8 or 9 we were taught to drive the tractor at hay time which freed someone bigger and stronger to help with the wagon loading and unloading. Having that barn full of hay is critical to the survival of a farm. If you can't feed the stock you have no milk or butter, no meat, no fertilizer for the veg garden and next years hay crop.

One summer evening 2 days after the hay field had been cut, I was driving the tractor and my dad was running the hay rake, turning the hay over and pulling it into wind-rows for further drying. Every time I turned and headed east I could see big dark thunderheads piling up...and a heavy rain that week would have meant a ruined cutting. I prayed and prayed and prayed while I drove that tractor...and by the time we were finished those clouds had broken up and dusk arrived with a clear sky. Now, 50 years later, when doubt creeps into my mind I cast my memory back to that answered prayer and my doubts fade away.

"If your heart is full of fear, you won't seek truth; you'll seek security. If a heart is full of love, it will have a limbering effect on the mind." ~ William Sloane Coffin 1924-2006

I've used oracle card decks before here on Quirkeries, but this week is something totally new, Sacred Scarabs by de Traci Regula. The set comes nicely boxed with a 145 page book and a black drawstring bag with thirty different scarab shaped tiles, each impressed with a different shape on the bottom.

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  1. A peaceful and most beautiful Image, AJ.



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